blood_sweat_and_high_heels_book_cover_web.jpgCheryl Waiters chronicles her victories and struggles as an African-American female working to overcome gender and racial biases in the male-dominated field of construction, in her new memoir, Blood, Sweat, and High Heels.

Whether serving in the Air Force or building some of Cleveland’s most recognized structures, such as Jacobs Field and Gund Arena, Waiters battled antagonism and defied stereotypes. Blood, Sweat, and High Heels is set against a backdrop of racial tensions, civil unrest and social movements, as Waiters takes readers through the years of JFK and Martin Luther King and the Women’s Liberation and Black Panther Movements. For more information contact Stephanie Lowe, 317-602-7137 or

Photo: Blood, Sweat, and High Heels