perry_thurston_11.jpgTALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) – House Democratic leader Perry Thurston says the hundreds that attended the "Moral Monday'' event at the Capitol are shining a light on "issues that matter,'' though those topics have not been high priorities for the Republican majority.


Thurston, D-Plantation, Senator Christopher Smith, D-For Lauderdale, and U.S. Representative Corrine Brown, D-Jacksonville, were among several speakers at the NAACP sponsored event.

Speakers addressed the topics of gun violence, medical expansion, public education, voter purging and the restoration of full voting rights the day before the 2014 session begins.

Thurston, who's challenging incumbent Attorney General Pam Bondi, said, "Florida is a really divided state. So, if we let leaders that only represent a portion of the state control the agenda, then you've got the wishes of so many Floridians that are going unmet.''