allen_west_honor_web.jpgDEERFIELD BEACH — A national organization representing 400,000 seniors was joined by local senior advocates on Nov. 7 to honor U.S. Rep. Allen West, R-Fla., for efforts to protect the health benefits and security of Florida’s seniors and disabled citizens.

The RetireSafe Standing Up For America’s Seniors award was presented to West at the Renaissance Assisted Living Facility in Deerfield Beach.

Attendees included Thair Philips, CEO of RetireSafe; Maribel Quiala, Southeast regional coordinator for the National Latina Health Network and field instructor for the Florida International University School of Social Work; and Elizabeth Lugo, president/CEO of the Mae Volen Senior Center in Boca Raton.

A RetireSafe statement said the award was being given to a bipartisan group of members of Congress on Capitol Hill and in their home districts between October and November.

The organization said the awardees have acted to protect seniors’ healthcare benefits, by ensuring access to affordable medication through Medicare Part D and opposing proposals that threaten to limit access to health care and increase premiums for seniors in the Medicare program.

“It seems Medicare is being attacked from all directions,” said Phillips. “Seniors need champions in Washington who are on their side, who aren’t afraid to stand up and preserve the benefits that our older Americans have earned.

“RetireSafe felt it was time to stop for a moment, rise above the rhetoric, and recognize the members of Congress who, in many different ways, have worked to protect this lifesaving and essential benefit,” Phillips said.

Photo: HONOREE:  U.S. Rep. Allen West, received the Standing Up for America’s Seniors Award on Nov. 7 from RetireSafe for service to seniors.