barbara_pariente_fred_lewis_and_peggy_quince.jpgTALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) _ A conservative group that wants to get three Florida justices thrown off the November ballot says a Supreme Court marshal refused to let it serve subpoenas on 14 court employees.


The Southeast Legal Foundation said the marshal turned away a process server Thursday but that two employees were served Friday.

John DeVault, a lawyer for the justices, denied the process server was turned away. DeVault said he was allowed into public areas but not private offices.

The group wants to interview the employees for its lawsuit alleging Justices Barbara Pariente, Peggy Quince and R. Fred Lewis illegally used court employees to help file qualifying papers.

Each justice is seeking another six-year term. Gov. Rick Scott would appoint replacements if they are removed from the ballot or defeated at the polls.