alberto-carvalho_web.jpgMIAMI — Alberto M. Carvalho, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) superintendent, has announced new offerings aimed at enhancing the education of the school district’s students, families, employees and the community. Officials said the list includes: Forty-two new choice/magnet program offerings will be created in 38 schools with strands such as Cambridge, Science, Mathematics, Legal Studies, Information Technology, and the Arts.

The iPrep Math program will fuse technology with personalized student learning to create a true 21st Century educational experience in 49 middle schools.

Under the Teen and Police Service Academy, school police will launch clubs in up to five schools, pairing officers as club sponsors with at-risk teens to engage in public service projects, peer-to-peer counseling and other activities designed to reduce youth crime and truancy and increase positive relationships and successful school outcomes.

This GrandChampions Program will provide outreach activities and support specifically designed to engage grandparents as active members of the school community through volunteer recruitment, Parent Academy Workshops, special events and other support services.

The district will invest in new computers and mobile digital devices for student use through the Computer Refresh and Mobile Device Initiative.  Through WiFi Zones, students will be able to access the web and educational content anywhere they carry their digital devices, and schools will be transformed into “virtual” neighborhood hubs with the capacity to provide free Internet access, particularly in underserved communities.

A self-contained high end STEM Mobile science lab will be added to the district’s fleet of rolling classrooms.Technology-based, indoor fitness trail for elementary school recess will motivate students and teachers to embrace physical activity as a lifelong habit.

The M-DCPS – FIU Transition Center program will provide support to students with disabilities as they transition from high school to college with the goal of increasing the number of students with disabilities who enroll in college and successfully graduate.

The Adult Education Student Portal will offer a unified web presence where individuals can access information, curriculum, records, schedule appointments and take care of financial obligations.

The International Student Academy – China Partnership program will broaden the cultural landscape and create real-world connections for students.

Teachers will have the opportunity to receive training aligned to national benchmarks, indicators, and competencies associated with the effective use of educational technology through the Leading Edge Certification – Digital Educator.

As a complement to the District’s teacher evaluation system, the iHeat Peer Assistance and Review Program will allow teachers in selected schools to participate in peer observations, receive job-embedded support and professional development, and get feedback that will lead to performance improvement.

The Data DashBoard, an at-a-glance tool, will inform decision making by providing real time access to Indicators related to academic and business performance. The Owners Control Insurance Program will provide better coverage to protect the district while saving money and providing expensive and often difficult to procure coverage for micro/small/minority subcontractors.

Through the Schools 21st Century Banking Transformation Initiative, the district will use technology to automate and reduce school site tasks related to cash collection, payment processing, recording and reconcilement of financial transactions.

By leveraging economies of scale, officials anticipate that the Food Acquisition and Distribution program will save at least $1 million in food costs annually while providing outstanding quality and nutrition. The e-VALUE Custodial Training Program and Evaluation Guide will ensure that high standards are uniformly applied districtwide, and that the custodial staff receive training and access to educational opportunities that can enhance their professional skills.

Through the Wellness Education and Awareness Program the district will engage in conversations and activities intended to improve the overall well-being of employees.