As the film/play critic for The South Florida Times, I find myself wishing I could include more information in my articles.  So, this blog will serve as my way of letting you readers know what I think about the extras.  Topics will include:


-Films and plays you probably wouldn't see, but you should

-WTF awards shows?!

-TV shows on the rise/decline

-Support your local arts

-Celeb quotes you didn't see in my articles

-Stars on the rise

-Upcoming films to watch

A little bit of information about me: I have been writing for this newspaper for almost three years.  Before then, I wrote reviews for The Miami Times.  And, before then, in May, 2005, I graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in professional writing at Barry University.

I have been an entertainment buff since my mother introduced me to classic films like McClintock and White Christmas.  She also named me after platinum blonde movie star Kim Novak. 

I am constantly reading up on entertainment and making sure I am up to date on facts and films; it is my business of choice, after all.  There are times that I want to voice an opinion on something and this will be my chance to do so. 

All I ask is that you read this blog with an open mind and try not to be too harsh with the hate mail.

For my first entry, I would like to address the Oscars.  While, I think it's interesting that the Oscars have opened up their best picture category to ten nominations, I am scratching my head at District 9's nod.  Many people enjoyed that exercise in stupidity.  I didn't.  I think Peter Jackson (the film's executive producer) is a genius and Neill Blomkamp (the film's director) is quite capable.  I just think the story line is awful and cared more about the aliens and their storylines than the title character's.  But, I'm not a part of the Academy Award committee, so I will just have to voice my opinion on this blog. 

Hopefully, you enjoy reading my insights and opinions in the future.  And, please, feel free to comment.