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False arrest lawsuit
Alfred Cinque, 75, was arrested Feb. 12, 2013, and charged with criminal mischief after Town of Palm Beach Police Officer Kevin Morine watched him allegedly smear a paste on a window at the Ashley John Gallery. Some businesses had complained that their property was being defaced.

Cinque says he was window shopping during his morning walk and never smeared anything. Prosecutors offered Cinque a plea agreement, which he rejected, and they later dropped the charge citing lack of evidence. Cinque says Morine over-reacted and failed to investigate prior to arresting him. He has filed a false arrest lawsuit.

Actor sentenced
Adonis Losada, former star of the Univision television show Sabado Gigante, is headed to prison. Palm Beach County Circuit Court Judge Karen Miller sentenced him to 10 years on four counts of child pornography. He was convicted on 66 counts but Miller threw out 62 of them. The charges are related to his sending child pornagraphy and soliciting children over the Internet.

Bodybuilder captured
Maria Luca Zavoczki, a former top bodybuilder from Hungary, has been arrested in Boca Raton. She was one of Hungary’s most wanted fugitives and, au- thorities said, she changed her identity after fleeing Europe around 2003. She is wanted in Hungary, Austria and Italy in connection with a fake credit making operation, bank fraud and drug trafficking.

Face biting
Either he was drunk, hungry, possessed or all of the above, but Raymond Colletto Jr., 41, of Boca Raton has been arrested on a child abuse charge. Police said Colletto went to his mother’s house and started kicking in the front door because it was locked. He broke in through the garage and started trashing the home. He  spit on his nephew, pushed him and bit him in the face when he tried to fight back. Colletto admitted drinking but denied biting his nephew.


Judge suspended
The Florida Supreme Court has suspended Broward County Judge Gisele Pollack. She is a recovering addict and has had several relapses and erratic episodes while on the bench. Pollock, 56,  was arrested recently on DUI charges and is undergoing treatment. We wish her success.

People’s trust?
With assistance from the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance, the People’s Trust homeowner’s insurance company has relocated its headquarters to a new facility at the Florida Atlantic University Research Park in Deerfield Beach. Recently, the company presented Deerfield Beach City Commissioner Ben Preston with a $25,000 check toward a beautification project in the area. But some residents are miffed after being sent letters from the company that their policies were being dropped. People’s Trust no longer writes coverage for properties in the area where its new headquarters are located. The company’s late founder, visionary Mike Gold, died in 2013. It’s hard to believe he would have supported not writing policies in his company’s neighborhood.


iPhone indictments
U.S. Attorney Wifredo Ferrer announced the indictment of 20 people from around South South Florida on charges of wire fraud, fraudulently accessing devices and aggravated identity theft. According to the unsealed indictment, the accused stole personal information from hundreds of Verizon and AT&T customers in 2012 and 2013. The information was then used to allow people to buy iPhones at $200, a third of the cost, by adding them as authorized users on unsuspecting victims’ accounts. More than 860 Verizon customer accounts were accessed, costing the company  more than $545,000. Charged in this case are Alexander Nicholas Katsabanis Jr., Dimitris Nicholas Katsabanis, Christian Fernando Dume, Christine Eliz Marrero, Javier Osvaldo Labrador, Dietter Navarro, Yurien Martinez Gallardo, Keilyn Nicole Gonzalez, Felix Marino Garcia Custodio, Desiree Marie Basanta. Also, Jonathan Gabriel Gonzalez, Jade Amber Garcia, Melissa Rivas, Dominga Ivett Guerrero, Johan Alvarez, Gustavo Andres Jimenez, Daniel Allen Limbacher, Noel Sebastian Cisneros, Mirelys Reyes and Yasael Aquit. Some of the accused were employees of the wireless companies.


Sword attack
Diosvany Orama, 27, is facing serious charges after Monroe County authorities arrested him for allegedly attacking his brother-in-law with a sword. Police said it happened at the Seahorse Campground on Big Pine Key.  When deputies arrived, the victim was on the ground bleeding from several cuts to his arms and legs and his face was swollen. He said his brother-in-law attacked him with a sword and ran off. A three-foot scabbard was found at the scene. Deputies found Orama at his Marathon home and arrested him on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

20-year contract
The county last year approved an ordinance designating garbage collection and refuse handling as a utility, like electricity, water and sewer services. The designation means soliciting bids for those services will be optional. Monroe County commissioners awarded three 20-year no-bid contracts to Waste Management, Marathon Garbage Service and Keys Sanitary Service, worth a total of about $184 million. Mayor Sylvia Murphy and Commissioners David Rice and George Neugent led the effort for the change. Commissioners Heather Carruthers and Danny Kolhage voted against the Waste Management contract.

Fugitive caught
Kevin Ray Jones, 50, wanted in connection with a November 2013 Key West attack that left a woman paralyzed, has been taken into custody. Stephanie Evans, 31, accepted a ride from Jones from a bar because it was raining. Once inside his truck, Jones allegedly punched her in the face, snatched her purse and threw her out of the vehicle. He then ran her over, leaving her for dead, police said. Evans suffered a crushed spine. Jones was captured at a Miami motel.