Unless you understand that chattel slavery of Africans along with the notion of white supremacy preceded democracy in America, everything else you think you know about America is wrong. Equality, liberty and justice for all were never intended for those who now call themselves African Americans or blacks. Those are ideals meant only for Europeans!

And, therefore, here we are, fourteen years into the 21st century and the only ones confused about white America’s intentions are slavery’s surviving Africans. Diabolically, white slave masters insisted that blacks be taught Christianity, but not be allowed to read and write, own property or do business.

To further emasculate blacks, slave plantation owners divided them by tribes, family members, cultures and language groups, and disallowed the drum, which stifled communication and inlaid distrust. Further divisions were installed with the development of “house Negroes” and “field Negroes.” After so-called emancipation and the short-lived reconstruction period, whites instituted “The Black Codes” followed by “Jim Crow” and sharecropping.

The entire legal apparatus has perennially buttressed the on-going suppression of African Americans at the street level by white law enforcement officers. Profiling, “stop and frisk,” brutality and other serial violations of basic rights, including the too often spurious arrest of black males, especially, mark policing of black neighborhoods. And then there are
the police shootings and killings.

Once handed over to the justice system by law enforcement, unless you can raise lots of money, your life is changed forever. You are doomed. Depending on the charges, true or false, money may not save you, either. That’s because the system is rigged to eat you alive. If the cops don’t get to mess you up, the jailhouse and penitentiary will.

Once profiled, like George Zimmerman hunted young Trayvon Martin, 18 year old Michael Brown’s life was going to be over, one way or another. He wound up dead instead of incarcerated. And now, in the aftermath of police officer Darren Wilson’s six of twelve shots that killed Michael Brown, a clearer picture may be emerging as to why Brown’s dead body laid in the hot August street for four and a half hours.

Now we know what we knew all along, that no white law enforcement officer will go to prison for killing a black person, including Darren Wilson. It may have taken the white nationalist system over four hours to get the story they wanted told down pat, all the way up to prosecutor Bob McCulloch and Missouri Gov., Jay Nixon.

White nationalists don’t care what the world sees and thinks about America. And it is that feigned but ingrown superiority complex that emboldens non-whites throughout the world to think less and less of America’s world-view. Ferguson was 106 days of showing American democracy all over planet Earth and it is ugly, vile and shameful. It is

diametrically opposite to what white Americans and their minions try to sell people around the world.

Ferguson’s 106 days was well orchestrated by white nationalists, all unseen and under the radar. Non-evidence may have become evidence and eyewitnesses became non-witnesses. Whatever needed to be manufactured was surely created and whatever unnecessary disappeared. The outcome lends certainty to such thinking.

Will outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder come to the rescue of the Michael Brown family in their search for justice? Does he have a hole card? Holder needs to come down hard on the Ferguson police force for their bungling. Hopefully something can be found to discredit Robert McCulloch, the St. Louis County prosecutor who has five complaints against him because of other cases. Black residents of the area know McCulloch as a key white nationalist.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the role of black preachers is being reevaluated and criticized in Ferguson, Missouri. Gov. Nixon called on some preachers as though they were the “house Negroes” of Ferguson to handle the “field Negroes.” Some called it “a travesty” and others have exclaimed, “black preachers should not allow themselves to be used.”

 Al Calloway is a longtime journalist who began his career with the Atlanta Inquirer during the early 1960s civil rights struggle. He may be reached at Al_Calloway@verizon.net