lucius_gantt_1.jpgDoes it seem to you as if  President Barack Obama’s programs, policies and staffing decisions are paving the way for a Republican return to The White House? Well, it seems that way to me.

Let me explain. For most people, the more you put into a politician’s political campaign, the more you get back from the politician. If you raise a lot of money and contribute a lot of money to the winning candidate for president, you might get an ambassadorship to an island in paradise or another favorable foreign country. You might get unlimited access to speak with the president or invitations to presidential parties and galas. You could get pardons for your
family members or friends who are incarcerated in federal prisons.
But if you’re black, no matter what you do it seems you can’t even get attention.
I know, I know. The Obama lovers will say, “Give the president some time. He’s going to do more for black and poor people than any other president in history before he leaves office.”
But tomorrow is not promised. Many of the people who worked so hard to get Obama elected and re-elected will be dead before anything significant is done specially for African Americans.
Let’s put all of this in perspective.
More black people voted for Obama than voted for any other president in the history of the United States. Black people contributed more money to the Obama campaign than they contributed to any other presidential campaign in history. And more black people fought voter subjugation, voter suppression, voter intimidation and voter oppression to elect Obama than they ever had before.
Yes, 90 to 95 percent of all black voters put Obama first. And where has the president put the political needs of African-American and black voters generally? I don’t want to say where because you already know.
Let’s see. The bankers got what they wanted, a get-out-of-jail for free card with no real penalties and bank regulations. They got bankers hired into powerful Cabinet positions. And when they stole homes and properties from Americans in their trillion dollar mortgage fraud, forgery and perjury schemes, the bankers got off with paying homeowners pennies on the dollar to prevent citizens from suing banks for the millions, billions and trillions of dollars they lost because of bank crooks.
The Hispanic citizens got a lot, too. They got a Supreme Court Justice and soon they will get immigration reform.
Women got free birth control mandates for health insurers and several high level political appointments.
I could go on and on. But let’s not waste time.
If the president does not quickly do something for his most loyal supporters, I believe black voters will refuse to go to the polls in high numbers in the upcoming mid-term elections and also in the next presidential elections.
Believe it or not, white people expect Obama to do as much as he can for black citizens, just like Jewish politicians help Jews and Cuban politicians help Cubans and Tea Party extremist politicians try to help extremist.
If black people continue to vote for black candidates and Democratic candidates and continue to get their issues ignored, their votes exploited and their communities oppressed and they still run to the voting booth and cast votes for black candidates and Democratic candidates, according to Malcolm X – not Lucius Gantt – they are not only political punks; they are traitors to their race.
I hope the president is not trying to help the conservative, Tea Party Republicans gain political power. 
But if he doesn’t do all he can to improve the lives of black Americans and the conditions in black communities, helping Republicans will be exactly what he is doing.

Lucius Gantt, a political consultant based in Tallahassee, is author of Beast Too: Dead Man Writing which is available at You can like The Gantt Report page on Facebook and contact Gantt at