GRUPO EULEN: The company is showcasing the cultural diversity of its workforce. PHOTO COURTESY OF GRUPO EULEN

Miami – The Miami-based aviation services company Grupo Eulen organized a Diversity and Safety Fair to reinforce its commitment to diversity and fostering an inclusive corporate culture, featuring a variety of activities designed to celebrate and promote diversity within the industry.

The highlight of the event which took place at JFK airport in partnership with American Airlines, its largest customer, was the Parade of Nations, showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the workforce, with approximately 200 participants dressed in traditional costumes. Attendees engaged in activities focused on safety and inclusion, underscoring the importance of the values in the workplace.

The Diversity and Safety Fair also was aimed at uniting diverse groups, with this year’s event particularly highlighting the Black Professional Network Group, led by Patricia Joseph, who also hosted the event.

“American Airlines is implementing a multi-year strategy focused on integrating DEI throughout our organization,” said Joseph. “We have been intentional, innovative, and timely in our efforts, making measurable progress quarter by quarter to build a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace.”

Grupo EULEN officials cite diversity as a driver of growth in society and economy, by putting people at the center and providing opportunities to those who face significant challenges accessing the labor market.

The company touts a presence in 12 countries, including the United States, with a workforce represented by various diversities – generational, functional, and cultural, including 57% women and 64% of employees under the age of 30 or over 50.