Edjuan Sims, left, learned to play piano after getting stuck in a keyboard class in high school. Right photo: Sims sings during a show.




PLANTATION, Fla. – Edjuan Sims is a man of many talents. The singer, songwriter, piano player and producer has been doing music for over 20 years – but if it weren’t for a class schedule mix-up in high school, we may have never heard his soulful voice.

“When I was in high school they messed up my schedule and accidentally placed me in a keyboard class and when I tried to get out, my counselor told me I’d have to wait until the next nine weeks,’ Sims recalled. “I didn’t even want to be in the class, but every time I tried to get out I couldn’t get out. Back then it was all about football for me. That was the 90s. I wasn’t even thinking about music.”

He recalled his grandmother telling him in church he should get up and sing. He thought it was so farfetched.

“She would say you should get up there and sing with them and I was like I’m never gonna be a singer,” Sims said.

Obviously he was wrong. Sims ended up learning how to read music and play the piano by ear.

Singing, songwriting and an R&B group came later.

“I guess after everything I had a lot to say,” Sims said. “I started an R&B group when I was in high school at Miami Norland Senior High School then I talked my group into transferring to American because I transferred,” Sims said.

He credits artists like Boyz II Men, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jeffrey Osborne, R. Kelly, Tyrese and Tank as being among his musical influences.

“When you listen to people like that it tells a story, creates a picture in your head. Even in real life, back then people were more loving because of what was out. You had more love music, you had more positive things out as opposed to now,” Sims said. “I think music plays a big part in people’s lives as far as how they act also. Music does a lot.”

Though his group is still around, Sims said they are all currently focusing on their solo careers. His latest single is called “I Know.”

“I’m just trying to get all my songs ready because I want to start shopping them,” Sims said. “Music has changed a lot and I think I have a lot to share with people. Especially R&B, now they’re calling R&B hip hop. I kind of want to bring that 90s feel back to R&B.”

With his smooth voice and good looks, it’s not surprising that Sims has also recently added acting to his resume.

“I’ve done two stage plays, two commercials and my first feature film is being released in the summer called ‘Loving Till It Hurts’ so I’m kind of doing both (music and acting),” Sims said.

Sims wears all of these hats while being a father of two boys and working full-time as a postal worker. He is single, but open to a relationship.

“I want my sons to get a feel of what they’re going to do, I don’t want to tell them what to do,”

Sims said. “Right now I’m married to the music. If the Lord blesses me with a wife in the next couple of years that would be good. She has to be understanding of my craft and what I do,” Sims said.

He advised people who are working in the industry or trying to break into it to stay encouraged and be mindful of what they put out.

“It’s not easy. You’re gonna get plenty no’s but keep it going, don’t ever stop. Make sure you’re doing music with substance. Don’t just put anything out there because when you put it out there it’s gonna affect everybody,” Sims said. “Have a good attitude. If you are discouraged, it’s not about where you are, it’s about how far you’ve come so just keep it going and that’s not just with music, that’s with anything.” To stay up-to-date with Sims, follow him on Facebook @EdjuanMusic.