Staff Report

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Dr. Casandra Henriquez will share her insights and speak about her WANTED Woman Live Experience, along with a team of experts who include Andy Henriquez, strategic storytelling expert and coach; Jamal Vallair, neuroscience performance coach, speaker, certified life coach; and Dr. Ajita Robinson, LCPC, grief & trauma expert, author, poverty & trauma disruptor.

Her WANTED Woman Live event, Oct. 6 – 8, at the Hollywood Beach DoubleTree Resort in Fort Lauderdale, presents a unique opportunity to showcase the journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation that countless women embark upon.

The event resonates with the modern woman’s quest for authenticity, and offers a series of engaging workshops and sessions to empower and enlighten:

• Oct. 6: "Be Excited to Date Again" – Rediscover self-confidence and true desires alongside Coach Cass.

• Oct. 7: "Mastering Communication & Connection with Men" – Learn authentic communication, deepen your understanding of men, and set boundaries that empower your relationships.

• Oct. 8: "Move Fully into Your WANTED Woman Life" – Immerse yourself in connection, celebrate collective resilience, and embrace your WANTED Woman identity.

"In a world where successful women are often met with challenges in the dating scene,” said Coach Cass, “I’m here to say: Your brilliance is not a barrier to love but a beacon attracting the right one. It’s time to find the love that celebrates your strength, not fears it. You are a WANTED Woman."

Her voice has graced the airwaves in South Florida, and she has been chronicled in publications ranging from Black Enterprise to Cosmopolitan to Forbes.

The bestselling author of “WANTED Woman: The Busy Woman’s Guide to Attracting and Choosing A Love That Lasts,” can be found relaxing on the world’s beaches with her husband Andy, daughter Ava, and her community, jamming to reggae vibes.

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