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Freebie: The Dis-ease of December
It seems that desperation dwells in the hearts of many people during the holiday season. Some have turned to shoplifting and identity theft out of pressure to purchase every item on their loved ones’ Christmas list.

Shoplifting is so prevalent that news stations, instead of informing us of the jolly Christmas events, caution us to safeguard our wallet, check our financial statements frequently, update our anti-virus and anti-spyware software for online shopping, and most importantly, don’t forget to wear a force field when walking around the mall.

I could be exaggerating but these safety measures do squeeze the fun out of the festivities and make them kinda scary, right? Lately, the holiday season seems to create a sentiment of caution, need for more security, and chaos rather than gratefulness, happiness, and laughter.

What shocks me is that all of this madness begins the day after giving thanks to God for what we already have. So I’m here to help with a few tips to spice up your shopping season. Shop online, or the places in the Fashion poem below for all things new, blue or suited to fit you.


Fashion: Curing Your Holiday "Blues"

****Recession-Proofing your Retail Rendezvous*****

This time of year brings hearts full of joy

Most feel great pressure to buy a big toy

Don't shoplift or steal

To lower the bill

Try thrifting, consignments or the nearest Goodwill

You'll never feel blue

(Unless printed on a shoe)

When trying these new methods

Without leaving a clue.



*****Blue is the New Black*******


Faith: Feeling Blue This Season Isn't Anything New!

Desperation also dwelled during the first Christmas. King Herod of Judea had a fear of losing his kingdom to the soon to be born Jesus, King of the Jews, and out of desperation to keep his kingdom ordered the murder of all infant Jewish males. Mary & Joseph feared for their unborn child and desperately fled Judea in an attempt to save his life.

The family didn’t know where they would stay (“no room at the inn”), who would help or how they would survive, but God “eased” their desperate December. He sent wise men to bring them many profitable treasures in the form of gold, frankincense and myrrh … providing above and beyond every item on their “Christmas List.”

As a college student, I struggled financially and during the holiday season it seemed to amplify! During my broke college days/one dis-eased Christmas, the weather in Tampa dropped below 50 degrees and like any true Floridian, I didn’t have the proper attire and desperately needed winter clothes. Like Mary & Joseph, I didn’t know how I would get them or who would help.

Still, placing my faith in God, I made a list of all the items that I needed and prayed that He would fulfill my list (like I did with so many of my needs). God sent my cousin to deliver the exact amount of money the same night that I needed it to purchase them. He provided for me just as he did for Mary and Joseph. That was a holly jolly Christmas because my needs were met without me acting out of desperation, although I indeed felt desperate, but also because I knew then that God truly does take care of his children.

As a believer, I now know that I am never in a desperate situation & neither are you! God can send you the money you need through a job bonus, a new commission sale, or in the form of gifts just like the wise men who brought treasures for Mary, Joseph and Jesus at his birth. So there’s no need to shoplift or steal, God is able, ready & willing to cure your Desperate and Dis-eased December. 



 Blue is best worn when it’s adorned, not when you’re sad or in a state mourn!


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