april_patterson_web.jpg FORT LAUDERDALE — No more dental offices with bad lighting, annoying drills and bad odor. Dental professional April Patterson envisions a dental experience more like a spa, complete with massage chairs, soothing music and aromatherapy to calm the soul.

Her dream has become a reality with the launch of the first Dr. Patty’s Dental Boutique, 646 N. Federal Hwy. in Fort Lauderdale. With more than 100 guests and onlookers, Dr. Patterson, affectionately known as “Dr. Patty,” recently unveiled a dental office with state-of-the art, soundless dental equipment, pampering sessions that include massages with private showers as well as facial services for everything from skin conditioning to eyelash enhancements to eyebrow waxing.


“Our health care service is focused on everything from the neck up,” Dr. Patterson said. We’re trying to give people many more reasons to go to the dentist.”

Enhanced dentistry is about more than healthy smiles. It’s also big business. And it’s not just Baby Boomers age 50 and over who are improving their looks.

A recent study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that the number of young adults under 20 seeking cosmetic dentistry increased 12 percent over the past five years, part of a youth trend toward teeth whitening, bleaching and cosmetic braces that straighten teeth in a quarter of the time of ordinary braces.

“We’re focused on health, wellness and beauty for men and women,” Dr. Patty said. It’s not just about the smile.”


Her services includes innovative implants and extraction techniques, porcelain veneers, sedation or “sleep” dentistry, smile revitalization and teeth whitening procedures.

Her practice also offers facial rejuvenation treatments such as Restylane and Botox, body treatments and permanent eye and lip make-up.

Not only does she employ a concierge who pampers clients while they wait for treatment. She even offers limousine service to shuttle clients to and from appointments.


“I haven’t seen anything else like it before,” said Roshell Walter, who met Dr. Patty through a national women’s networking organization called Femfessionals, which has chapters in Miami and Fort Lauderdale. She said when Dr. Patty presented the group with her upscale dental boutique concept, they supported it wholeheartedly. “A lot of women like to get pampered. Her dental practice is a spa-like environment. We believe she’s going to be very successful.”

Dr. Patty said one of her goals is to educate African-Americans about cosmetic dentistry. Many African-Americans believe enhanced dentistry is out of their financial reach, she said, but it’s closer than they think.

“More and more young African-American professionals are getting into cosmetic dentistry to help them climb the corporate ladder. My hope is to educate older African-Americans who are more traditional and willing to try something new.”


She’s hoping to expand her chain of dental boutiques across the country, but her goal is to make her unique business model rock solid first.

“Right now, I’m focused on this one practice. I want to make sure it gets all the attention it needs. My clients’ smiles are my best advertisements. And when they leave feeling good over all, that’s what makes me smile.”

For more information call 954-523-2400 or visit drpattydental.com


A DIFFERENT DENTIST: Fort Lauderdale Vice-Mayor Bobby Dubose, right, recently proclaimed “Dr. Patty Dental Day” in Fort Lauderdale for her efforts to improve dental health.