Once upon a time called right now in Fort Lauderdale, there was a pastor, a funeral director and a veterinarian. The three met at the big a-frame church near Target. They all became friends through worship, fellowship, and service at the big a- frame church.

One day the big a-frame church had a small pew they no longer needed. The veterinarian asked the funeral director and pastor if he could have the small pew for his clinic. They said yes.

The pastor and the funeral director decided to deliver the small pew to the veterinarian at his clinic late one Friday afternoon. Though traffic was heavy and the veterinarian’s clinic was located on a very busy street, the pastor and the funeral director were undaunted. They loaded the small pew into the pastor’s truck and headed off.

All was well until they made a sharp turn to get to the veterinarian’s clinic. The small pew tumbled out of the pastor’s truck and onto the very busy street. The pastor and the funeral director were surprised. The veterinarian was confused as they arrived at his clinic without the small pew. After a spirited discussion, the pastor and the funeral director went to retrieve the small pew from the busy street.

As they arrived to where the small pew had fallen, the pastor and the funeral director were astonished by all the commotion on the busy street. Some people were honking their horns. Some were yelling and making strange gestures with their fingers. There was even one lady who coveted the small pew. But there was one man who saw the small pew fall from the pastor’s truck. He offered to help.

The helpful man had himself been helped by the services offered by the big a-frame church. The helpful man had pulled the small pew to the middle of the very busy street, out of the heavy traffic. He recognized the pastor and the funeral director from their service at the big a frame church. As he assisted them in placing the small pew in the pastor’s truck, he shared a sad and tragic story.

Just a week before, his best friend had been struck and killed by a car at the very spot the small pew landed when it fell from the pastor’s truck. He asked if they could pray for his friend. So right there, late on a Friday afternoon, in the heavy traffic, on the very busy street, the pastor, the funeral director, and the helpful man prayed.

The small pew now sits in the veterinarian’s clinic and is a symbol and a reminder of the friendship, faith, and love of of the Pastor, the Funeral Director, and the Veterinarian.