Why should voters choose you?

Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick I am not a career politician, and I am not looking for a promotion. I want to serve and represent my district in Congress like I have as a private citizen. I want to bring Congressional District 20 the attention and services it needs through job creation, training opportunities, and my People’s Prosperity Plan.

Elvin Dowling

I am not simply trying to climb another rung of the political ladder in greater service to myself and my friends, but for the people who deserve a champion on their side. I am for the people and not the powerful. I am NOT a career politician.

Omari Hardy

I have a record of standing up to powerful special interests and getting things done for the working-class families I represent. That’s the kind of representative we need in Congress – a fighter who gets things done.

Phil Jackson

I am the candidate with the greatest depth of knowledge on the issues affecting District 20 and the United States in general. Having run for the U.S. Congress and other political offices in Florida in the past, I have become very familiar with the district and the needs of its constituents.

Emmanuel Morel

Because I have integrity and love people.

Barbara Sharief

As a nurse for 28 years, a business owner, a former Miramar City commissioner, and a current Broward County commissioner, I have a proven record of accomplishment. I’ve been to Washington numerous times, lobbying for our residents on important issues. I’m ready to hit the ground running day one!

Priscilla Ann Taylor

I am committed to guarantee that residents are represented and their voices are heard. Much of my success has been because I am able to work with leadership on both sides of the aisle. I have served the most challenging part of this district directly. I know the district.

Perry E. Thurston Jr

I am the most experienced, qualified, and prepared. My record, resume and results will be important as the next congressman for District 20. I’m prepared to represent the district on day one.

Candidates who did not respond: Bobby DuBose, Dale Holness.


Election day: Nov. 2 

Early voting: Through 

Oct. 31

Additional facts regarding the candidates: justfacts.votesmart.org