jean_monestime_web.jpgOn Wednesday, Aug. 8,  the community came together to mark the commencement of construction on the Arcola Lakes Senior Center at Arcola Lakes Park.

This facility, which will provide recreational services to residents aged 55 and older, will be the largest and only facility of its kind in the entire Miami-Dade County parks system. I join those in our community who are proud to have this center located at Arcola Lakes Park.

A letter to the editor published in the South Florida Times on Aug. 2
(Seniors disrespected in center planning) contains accusations that
mischaracterize my commitment to working with the community on such projects.

When I was elected in 2010, I found the Senior Center project had been stalled as it awaited its share of Building Better Communities General Obligation Bonds funding. I immediately went to work to fast-track funding and planning on the center following numerous public forums held by the county’s parks department.

The final plans reflect input from the community while adhering to the budget constraints of a public facility. Building this center will bring hundreds of construction-related jobs to our community and will make good on the County’s promise to provide a quality facility for our seniors.

In regards to meeting with residents, I have an open-door policy and District 2 residents have never missed an opportunity to meet with me and share ideas for the betterment of the community.

Commissioner, District 2
Miami-Dade County