sexandthecity2purpleskirt_web.jpgYou may have heard of a little TV series-turned-blockbuster-film titled Sex and the City, where women shop all day in heels and cook in designer vintage attire. OK, so it may not be realistic, but we don’t always go to the movies to be enlightened. Now that the sequel is out in theaters, women everywhere are flocking to watch the fashion-forward film.  
Like most American women, I did just that, and I have to confess that I paid more attention to what the characters were wearing than to the actual dialogue. When Carrie bumped into her ex-boyfriend at a street market in Abu Dhabi (pivotal part in the story), I gasped in awe of how the stylist has paired up a plain Dior T-shirt with a floor-length ballroom skirt!

The movie starts off in its original home of New York City; but most of the movie is set in the Middle East. The actresses showed off several different Middle Eastern styles with a modern twist. Within those looks were chunky necklaces, bouncy dresses paired with sky-high heels and sophisticated head pieces. 

I was so inspired by the fashion in the movie that I felt obliged to put an outfit together as homage to the film — on a teacher’s salary, of course.  I picked out three pieces that can stand alone or can be combined.

The first is a green maxi dress that I found at Kohl’s for $39.99, which I paired up with a stunning, blue-draped necklace from Forever 21, for just $6.50!  The green and blue are unpredictable together, and make a fabulous team. Since the SATC women and their fans are obsessed with shoes, I knew I had to find shoes worthy of the ensemble. The shoes are a satin ankle wrap espadrille in gold satin, and they are a steal at the low price of $99.99.

I have provided the blueprint, and you are encouraged to adjust it to your liking. Add a floppy hat, earrings or a gorgeous cuff bracelet to complete the look and make it your own. The dress and necklace come in different colors, so you can create your own color palette as well. This was my inspiration. What’s yours?

Liz De La Nuez is a first-grade teacher at Palm Springs North Elementary School in Hialeah who has a passion for the latest fashion trends.