OPA-LOCKA, Fla. – City of Opalocka Mayor Matthew Pigatt and the City Commission attended two virtual workshop trainings, including “Council-Manager Relations: Understanding the Roles” and “Effective Council Techniques” on June 26.

In an effort to be better-elected officials, the city requested that the Florida League of Cities provide training for the commission. The virtual workshop training was presented by the Florida League of Cities University and the Florida City and County Management Association.

The Florida League of Cities provides members with tailored advocacy tools and training programs designed specifically for municipal officials.

It also serves as administrator for the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, offers a comprehensive package of innovative financial solutions to Florida’s local governments, and provides contractual support services to several statewide municipal and professional associations.

The Florida City and County Management Association is a professional organization of practicing public administrators from throughout Florida local governments. The association was chartered in 1946 as a nonprofit corporation to elevate professionalism among the state’s 479 cities and counties, and to promote the council-manager form of government as the form that advances the highest ethical and professional standards.

The 4½-hour virtual workshop training provided important competencies needed to build relationships that are based on mutual respect, understanding of roles, and open communication. The training also explained how the combination of relationship competencies and operational competencies underpin a solid foundation for effective council-manager relations.

City government officials learned useful insights and approaches not uncommon to council-manager relationship challenges. From using interpersonal and communication skills to learning how to manage trials and tribulations, the training’s goal was to provide techniques and strategies to maximize relationships and maintain effective working relationships.

To view the virtual workshop training in its entirety, visit youtube.com/watch?v=wMrLhDEiH9A&t=2023s.