From: Jack Seiler <Jack.Seiler@Fortlauderdale.Gov>

Date: 8 de noviembre de 2014 15:11:44 GMT-5
To: Adam Fowler <>
Subject:RE: Peaceable Solution for Arnold Abbot homeless feeding frenzy


Thanks for your input and for caring.  I truly appreciate the concern and respectful approach.

Perhaps you are not aware that I personally do substantial charitable work for the homeless here in South Florida, volunteer at the local homeless assistance center, contribute financially to assist homeless programs and benefits, and work on several successful homeless veterans programs and projects.

We did not realize that requiring the homeless be fed in safe, secure and sanitary conditions would be deemed by the media as an attack on the homeless.  We did not ban feeding the homeless in the City of Fort Lauderdale and we did not make it illegal to feed the homeless, we only regulated the location of those feedings.  In fact, there are numerous locations where homeless feedings may be legally held in the City, including our downtown.

Further, the cycle of homeless and homelessness on the streets of Fort Lauderdale is unacceptable, and I will do everything possible to get them off the streets and into the right programs, to the appropriate facilities, and to the proper resources necessary to turn their lives around.

Your assistance is also appreciated.
Best wishes.
John P. “Jack” Seiler
Mayor City of Fort Lauderdale,  Florida