In May, 2018, ABC’s entertainment president Channing Dungey abruptly fired Roseanne Barr from her hugely successful hit show because Roseanne sent out an ugly tweet about former President Barack Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett.

Dungey stated that “Roseanne’s Twitter statement is abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with our values.” The media deemed the statement racist as Roseanne is white and Valerie Jarrett is black. Dungey is also black.

Since then Roseanne, an avid supporter of President Donald Trump has been labeled a racist. But one of her show’s executive producers, Bruce Rasmussen lamented that “We were gut-punched. It was really depressing that that one stupid sentence that she sent out destroyed a whole bunch of peoples’ jobs.” Hundreds lost their jobs.

While everyone was focusing on Roseanne and Trump being racist, real instances of racism was playing out every day. CNN did a piece showing that racial profiling was more common than one might think. I’ll enumerate some of the painful experiences that black people have recently experienced.

Some blame Trump, but I suggest that Liberals have been complicit. Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal said there was “no difference between white Democrats and Republicans” and “neither one of them give a heck about the black community. My experience is that white Liberals were more racist than the Republicans with whom I’ve come in contact.

CNN published that “In just the past month, a golf course owner called police on black women because they were playing too slowly. A mom called police because two Native American students made her “nervous.” And a white student at Yale called police because a black student was napping in a dorm building.”

Darren Martin, a former Obama White House staffer, was accused of burglarizing his own apartment as he was moving IN, not OUT. A neighbor called the police and accused Martin of being an armed burglar. He said he couldn’t understand what they thought he was using as a weapon – maybe his TV or couch.

He also said that many times when he leaves a store, he is asked to show what’s in his pockets. He said it is dehumanizing.

Kimberly Houzah, a traveling nurse, made a You Tube video when she was kicked out of Victoria’s Secret in Quintard Mall in Oxford, Ala. because another black woman (that she didn’t even know) was caught stealing.

It was so dehumanizing that Houzah cried all the way to her car and made a vow that she would NEVER step back into Victoria’s Secret.

I had an incident in Huntsville, Ala. when I took my dance students to the mall after class. Someone followed us around a store in such a manner that I complained to the manager.

Even Oprah tells of an incident in Switzerland where the clerk refused to show her a handbag and told Oprah she couldn’t afford it. OPRAH? LOL!

We all remember the recent incident at Starbucks where the police arrested two black men who were waiting for a third associate for a business meeting. Also police ejected two black men from an LA Fitness gym in New Jersey.

According to CNN an elderly white woman called police on three black women, one of whom was Bob Marley’s granddaughter because she thought they were stealing stuff from the Airbnb they were checking out of in Rialto, California.

Then a white woman, Dr. Jennifer Schulte, a Stanford graduate working for an environmental firm, became an infamous meme, “BBQ Becky,” when she called cops on a black men for enjoying a barbecue in a park in Oakland.

Finally CNN reported how police stopped a black man and violently cuffed him because they saw some “vegetation” in the car window. Rudy Samuel videotaped the incident and posted it on social media. Samuel told the police the “vegetation” was from a tree and for them to test it right there. “VEGETATION,” PEOPLE!

Now these are real cases of racial profiling and racism. But the country is so obsessed with Trump (#45, as they call him) that they totally ignore the numerous cases of real racism.

Roseanne would never have been fired if she were a Liberal. What she said was crass, but I’ve heard other celebrities use much more vile language about people, including the president, but still have their jobs. That is discrimination.

It behooves us to pay attention to real racism and stomp it out where it stands; and stop targeting people because we don’t like their politics.