By the looks of it, changes that are about to occur in America will more than likely shock most citizens with unbridled anxiety and fear. There is no telling what resulting levels of confusion will manifest. What is certain, though, is that pabulum flag-waving issues including faux patriotism will either wane or take a dangerous neo-Nazi-like turn, as pieces of America fly off from a 228-year mooring. So much for so-called democracy.

What has already emerged in plain sight with utmost arrogance is a heretofore illusive plutocracy. Members of this small exclusive group represent American money and power. Once totally joined with like powers throughout planet Earth, world government is likely. They will have then achieved a democracy among themselves, and as happened with slavery and the industrial revolution, dominance of global natural resources, including human populations, looms large.

America is a huge microcosm of an ever growing divide-and-conquer system encircling our planet. It controls important human behaviors. While working-class Americans could be a powerful group as whites and non-whites joined, they are controlled by a notion called “race.” Although white Americans have all manner of opportunities systematically denied citizens of color, many choose not to take full or even partial advantage of the “white supremacy/system culture.”

So working-class white Americans have perennially been programmed to hate non-white workers who they accuse of taking their jobs. Never mind that white workers have myriad opportunities to be everything but workers. But racism is what has been given them, and, as a result, all workers are under control with white workers always on the attack of non-white workers. Thus, America’s working class remains under control through organized division.

Prices will continue to increase and profits soar – more yachts and private jets are being bought and leased. Public education is now mostly for poor and near poor working-class citizens, and moderate-income housing is unaffordable. The mantra for 2018 is do not get sick because insurance is going through the roof. Jobs are increasingly becoming temporary, and hope of factory openings is not based on reality.

Plutocrats need more “controlled” conflicts involving military operations to increase profits, Therefore, more jobless and underemployed poor and near poor teens and young adults are going to buttress our armed forces abroad. Just think of all those lucrative contracts that minions of plutocrats control. Supplying bottled water to military forces is a very rich contract. So is manufacturing uniforms and all manner of supplies. Rich Americans get richer and much work is done cheaply abroad, and U.S. taxpayers pay top dollar for it.

Not only will we see a marked increase in policing, particularly within our nation’s inner cities, but these law enforcers are going to look just like U.S. combat Marines in full gear, complete with military armored vehicles and high-power automatic rifles and other ordinances. America’s prison industrial complex, already overflowing with an incredibly outsized number of prisoners, especially black and Spanish-speaking teens and adults, can be expected to experience considerable growth.

Both major political parties are already gearing up to put a lot of money in the hands of slick political operatives for 2018 local, statewide and congressional electoral campaigns across America. Democrats probably learned nothing much from their disastrous Hillary Clinton campaign. As a result, black voters may remain skeptical, irrespective of pleadings by the Rev. Al Sharpton and others, including the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), which has scant credibility throughout America.

What’s left of Republicanism is moderate to far alt-right overt white nationalism. Along with Democrats, this fragmented hodgepodge is creating a path to every segment of white voters, trying to garner more numbers with a full-throttled ground game. No blacks, no Spanish-speaking people, or others, just white folks. Republicans are counting on a tremendous response from classically conditioned black and brown hating working-class white Americans with subliminally seductive hate speech and symbols.

Expect Trump and Trumpism to play every game heard and unheard of for as long as possible in an attempt to stay afloat in 2018. It’s going to be a rough ride. What a nasty year coming, so, what’s there to be happy about 2018?