As a former model, Adelle Carlton knows a thing or two about beauty. For more than 20 years, she has been creating eclectic jewelry that reflects what she knows. Deeply spiritual, Carlton’s work also reflects her consciousness and approach to living. She calls her line, Between Spirit and Stone and describes it as co-created, hand-crafted, authentic, spiritual and beautiful.

On creating what she loves: “I couldn’t find anything in the market that suited my tastes. I always had a taste for design, creating my own clothing, just sort of evolved from the clothing and sewing to making accessories, belts, piecing together things and tinkering around with the jewelry that I had, morphing pieces into something else. “

On the importance of having friends who believe in you:  “I started selling it as a hobby and giving gifts to friends. They started asking me, well how much is that? I said ok, ‘maybe I can sell these things. People seem to like them and want to pay for them.’ (Things really took off when a friend who owned a store in Coconut Grove bought 25 of the 33 pieces that Carlton showed her).

On finding beauty everywhere: “I find things in the street, wire and coins with holes in them, a rock that looks interesting. So I would make jewelry to express how I was feeling at the time.”

On life as art: “There is so much beauty around us in everything. Everything that you can look at, at some point was thought out, drawn out, sketched out; everything stems from design.  And I think sometimes people don’t give art the credit it deserves. The world is a beautiful place with so much beauty all around us”.

On the power of gratitude: “I’m thankful and grateful to have a jewelry business and co-create with spirit beautiful pieces for people and just enjoy creating in a lot of different ways. The possibilities are endless.”

On living your dreams: “For many years I modeled and did some acting professionally in the 80s and early 90s. I did runway, commercials, print and television, a made for TV movie. I worked for wonderful clients, like Oscar de la Renta, such an elegant man. Bob Mackie.”

On the potential of creativity: “I would like to see people get in touch with their creative side, it helps bring beauty into the world.”

Where to find her pieces: “On my Between Spirit and Stone Facebook page or through my personal page, Adelle Carlton. I do a lot of different events.” Next up is Colony 1’s Turnip the Beet market festival at 550 NW 22nd St., in Wynwood on Oct. 17th.