lucius-gantt_web.jpgPresident Barack Obama gave a thrilling “State of the Union” speech recently, but talk is cheap, and even though talk is inexpensive, most black people in America can’t afford a sentence!
“Tax cuts and freezes,” in political terms, are just catch words to generate hand claps in the halls of Congress. Spending by government is not America’s problem; the problem is the way that tax dollars are being spent!

No doubt, Barack Obama is one of the best orators, political or otherwise, that I’ve seen and heard in my lifetime. But if I could choose between a good speech and a good life, I would choose a good life!
If I could talk to Obama, and I don’t see that possibility ever happening, I would say, “Mr. President, America’s independent voters, who voted for a Republican senator in a predominantly Democratic state, are not mad with you.  The terrorists and suicide bombers who will give their lives to blow up planes and buildings are not mad with America.”

Further, I would say, “Most of the people upset in America and those that are angry around the world do not dislike America; they are mad at the American way!”

Democrats and Republicans in Congress will never unite in order to do what’s best for the country because the lobbyists will never let that happen!

Lobbyists didn’t even wait for your State of the Union speech to be over before they started to figure out ways to derail your legislative proposals.

You don’t have to be a heart surgeon turned rocket scientist to know that political mercenaries run this country, not presidents, not senators and not representatives. If you didn’t know, elected officials don’t read or write most of the bills they vote on.  They are told what to vote on by lobbyists and governmental staff members.

But I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself here. Let’s get back to the main issue.

The big bankers, war mongers, insurance companies, health care providers, corporations, unemployed workers, welfare mothers and the homeless winos sleeping on the side of the street all want the same thing:  more money!

The system that President Obama is trying to improve is a system that thrives on exploitation, oppression and economic mistreatment. The biggest and “best” businesses in America are those that can take, earn or steal, the most money.

There are companies here that people called regulated industries. Companies like banks, insurance companies, telephone companies, health care companies, real estate companies, loan companies and so on. Trust me, they do not want to operate a considerate business that’s fair and helpful to the common man, they don’t want to pay higher taxes, they don’t replace cheap foreign labor with American jobs, and they don’t want increased government regulation and scrutiny.

No disrespect to our great speaking president, but we don’t need another hero; we need pay checks with a whole lot of zeros!

Many Americans don’t want to blend into the “system.” They don’t want to fix the system. In fact, some people here and other places want to destroy the system and create a way to govern that will be more considerate, more sensitive and less devilish!

I know many African-American writers and columnists can’t wait to get to their computers to parrot what was written in white papers or that was heard on white news shows, but I have an old but new take on what to do:

Quit waiting on government, stop depending on devilish politicians, and start focusing on yourselves and each other!

We’ve got to hire each other.  We’ve got to patronize each other.  And, we’ve got to depend on each other for our economic, political and social survival.

Lucius Gantt is a political consultant based in Tallahassee. He is also the founder of All World Consultants and author of the book, Beast Too: Dead Man Writing. Contact him at or call 850-222-3475. You can also find him on Facebook.