weight-loss_web.jpgInstead of just talking about how big we are getting, I’ve got a novel idea: Let’s try and fix it.

“Unsupersize Now” is a weekly column with tips and tricks that real people can use to knock off the extra pounds and take back control of their health. Today’s tips are all about how to get the ball rolling.

We’ve heard the statement that says, “Start how you want to finish.”

Well, with regard to weight loss, this is slightly flawed. People try to jump right into a serious diet, or they commit to a heavy workout regimen, both of which are doomed to failure.

This is not because of lack of effort on the part of the person trying to lose weight, but rather a simple case of environment vs. will power. Your environment, which is a result of your habits, is not conducive to weight loss. Therefore, when you jump into diet or exercise, you do it for a little while, and then stop.

So, the first step to successful weight loss is preparing your environment. Next week, we will talk about metabolism boosters. 

Here are five tips for preparing your environment:

1.  Don’t think you can, know you can. You have to believe that you can lose weight.  Forget about past failures and tell yourself that this time is different.  Tell yourself that this is a fresh start, and that nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.  Reinforce this by putting positive affirmations around your home and office.

2.  Don’t advertise. Telling everybody that you are about to work on your weight opens you up to negative feedback.  People will pour in suggestions or tips, which might not work for you.  And now, you add the pressure of having to live up to their expectations.

3.  Seek knowledge.  Knowing is the whole battle. Go to the bookstore and thumb through some books from people who have lost a lot of weight.  Their real-world advice can be invaluable.  For a list of recommended reading, go to www.unsupersizenow.com, and click on the literature tab.

4. Discover your habits.  Go to www.caloriescount.org/onlinediary.html and print out this food diary.  Then, as you eat, fill it out, and keep track of what you are eating for a week straight. Then review it, and see where you might be going wrong.

5.  Start Journaling.  Write about your day, in particular things that make you happy and things that frustrate or stress you.  Detail your response to both situations.  Then, after a week, read what you wrote, and you may find out some disturbing trends about how you handle situations.  This is important, because there is a direct link between stress and the production in the body of cortisol, which is a hormone that can make you crave sweets and high-calorie foods. 

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