By Roger Caldwell

As a black man who has no formal education and training in the field of law, I understand that America operates by the rule of law. Lawyers that I talk to are saying that the rule of law is why the constitution works, and the system is something we can trust.

As an American, I believe that when a person breaks the law, they’re often times incarcerated. I have lived by this principle and I thought that everyone lived by the same principle, but President Donald Trump and his administration have operated above the law.

Under the U.S. constitution, no branch of government is above the law, and no public official may act arbitrarily or unilaterally outside the law. The rule of law requires the government to exercise its power in accordance with well established and clearly written rules, regulations, and legal principles, according to the American Rule of Law –US Courts.

But within the last week, the great legal minds have been discussing whether Donald Trump Jr., Jerry Kushner and Trump’s campaign director Paul Manafort, have broken the law by holding a meeting with a Russian government lawyer at Trump Tower.

Before I continue, I must remind my readers that all of the three men who attended the meeting with Russian officials repeatedly told the media that the Trump campaign had not colluded or had any meetings with the Russians. Once the New York Times exposed the story, amendments were made to all of their security clearance reports.

Some will call this perjury, but Trump’s administration calls it a mistake and Jerry Kushner has been forced to add 100 additional names on his security clearance report.

“In my view, we have some evidence. We don’t have all the evidence. I would suspect the congressional investigating committee and the special counsel will continue to dig into questions raised by the facts disclosed by the New York Times and by Donald Trump Jr. himself,” says Bob Bauer –Former White House Counsel.

As the great legal minds get paid millions of dollars to suggest a potential violation of the law by Trump and his administration, the rule of law is not working. In the last two years, Trump has lied, and broken laws every day.

So why should anything change with his son?

“For his whole life, Trump has cheated workers, short-changed small business owners, and ripped off investors,” according to David Clay Johnson, author of “The Making of Donald Trump.” Trump has boasted about sexually assaulting women, doing business with known criminals, hidden behind secret settlements when sued some 4,500 times, and paid off prosecutors via political donations to avoid charges.

The only reason Trump is not in jail is because he is rich, white, and he hires the best lawyers money can buy. Donald Trump Jr. committed treason and perjury, and if he was a poor minority, he would be locked underneath the jail.

Justice has many different faces, and it is applied differently for whites and rich people. You don’t have to be of great legal intelligence to know that Trump Sr., Trump Jr., Kushner, and Manafort broke the law, and no action will be taken.

The talking heads on the left will say there is smoke, but no fire. The talking heads on the right will say there was nothing discussed at the meeting, and that Trump Jr. made a mistake.

Somehow the rule of law does not apply to Trump and his team, and perjury, which is essentially lying under oath, does not apply. America is on fire with Trump and his team leading the country, and it is time to stand up against tyranny, treason, and perjury.