We pay homage to the women who are mothers and mother figures in our lives.


Staff Report

Everyone knows there is nothing like a mother’s love! It’s so powerful that it can’t be explained or repaid. But every year on Mother’s Day, children across the world, young and old, try to pay homage to the women who are mothers and mother figures in their lives.

We here at the South Florida Times salute the brave women who had the courage to birth and/or adopt children, care for them, nurture them, train them and support them. Most of all, we thank you for your love, your time, your patience and your sacrifice.

While words can’t adequately explain just how valuable you are, we’ve asked some readers to send us the reasons why their mothers are special. We’ve compiled their responses below. Thank you for choosing to be our mothers!

Felicia Brown: “My mother is special because she really loves and cares about her children’s well-being before anything on earth.” Miami, Florida

Brian Love: “My Mom is special because she did her best to get whatever I needed or asked for!!!” Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Breion Moses: “My mom is special because she’s so real, down to earth, funny, fun and amazing!”  Boynton Beach, Florida

Matthew Pigatt: “My MamaLove, Valerie Pigatt, was the youngest daughter of 13, graduated from Northwestern with me and my older brother, was the first in the family to obtain a college degree and single-handedly raised three boys. Two became Morehouse Men, one is a city commissioner and another is headed to the #1 dental school in the nation!! That’s MY MamaLove!!!” Opa-Locka, Florida

Wayne Jones: “My mother is special because after being born with cerebral palsy she was told that she would never have children. I’m here to tell you that my mother gave birth to two healthy baby boys. She worked 7 days a week, sometimes 16 hour days, to make sure that we never went without. My mother is special because she devoted her life to raising respectable young men and she succeeded in glorious fashion!” Miami, Florida

Matthew Joseph: “She gave me a template of what real love is. I learned to love women and appreciate black women from her … from there my love affair with black women (respect for women overall) was instilled in me for a lifetime. What I saw in my wife I first saw and appreciated in my mother. Love grows you.” Miami, Florida

Benjamin ‘Brotha Ben’ Evans: “My mom is everybody’s mom with enough love and laughter for everyone!” Miami, Florida

Erica Smith: “I had the mom that was a mom to me and all of my friends in more ways than one. I wish we all had more time with her. She still lives in my life and the lives of others. What a beautiful soul she was.” Sunrise, Florida

Jill Wenig Guadagna: “My Mom passed away in September of 2007. My youngest child was just 6 months old. My Mom is very special to me and always will be. I just wish she was here to spend time with my kids and myself. What made her so special is she was the most selfless person I know. Always doing for her family and never wanting anything in return. I miss her so much my heart hurts!” Boynton Beach, Florida

Denise Athis: She’s a woman of few words, but she believes in me. She gave to me what she could and spoke words of encouragement. She didn’t put an age limit on wisdom and allowed me to share truth with her and receive it even though she’s my mom. In spite of the various things she’s gone through she’s been resilient. I still struggle to find the words, but my mom is special.” North Miami, Florida

Lorenzo Malone: “She was a Godly mother from the beginning.” Miami, Florida

Matthew Beatty: “She shows that agape kind of love to every person she touches, whether they deserve it or not.” Miami, Florida

Carolyn Taylor Pates: “Mom was always loving, understanding, allowing me to grow. I wanted to be an Airline stewardess, she said no, I wanted the Air force with two of my friends, she said no. I ended up at the City of Miami Police as a Dispatcher, both feet on the ground, so looking back perhaps, she saw more than I imagined.”

Chief Nathaniel B. Styles: “Our Mother was special to us because she planted the seeds within our consciousness that our earthly mission requires us to uplift fallen humanity. She also ignited my passion for Int’l travel as one of Eastern Airlines’ first African American reservations agents. Never could I have imagined that at this point in life I’d be leading powerful US Delegations to countries throughout West Africa and Cuba.” Miami, Florida