ja-marv-dunn_ebony-edmonson_web.jpgMIAMI — Miami Carol City Senior High School students recently were treated to a surprise appearance and meet-and-greet featuring cast members of the hit stage play, What My Husband Doesn't Know. The Oct. 27 after-school event was sponsored by The Embrace Girls Foundation's  “Performing Artists Give Back Program” designed to bring empowering experiences, artists and performers to students in school or stage settings.

“We got the word late Tuesday that the crew was in town and eager to arrange an event with

our organization,” said Velma R. Lawrence, Embrace’s director. She opted to direct the event to older students rather than the traditional Tea Parties with elementary age girls. “I thought the high school students were a better fit and jumped at the opportunity to serve one our feeder pattern schools.”

The gesture was embraced by the school administration. “The students and staff from Miami Carol City Senior High School were surprised and honored to have the artists from the play come to speak at the school,” said Maisha Copeland, activities director of Miami Carol City Senior High. She was responsible for organizing the event attended by more than 100 students from the school’s

performing arts departments, who listened intently and cheered as each of the artists were introduced. “The message they gave was inspirational and life changing. For artists of this magnitude to give back in this way

was monumental,” she added. 

“They each were engaging and candid with their comments, especially Morris Chestnut,” said Principal Ja Marv Dunn. He was noting Chestnut's response to a student’s question asking advice on finding an agent. Morris responded:

“There are several publications that list reputable agents, but my advice to you is this — and always remember it — you should never pay an agent until you get paid. Never buy photos and send money to people saying they can get you work. These are not reputable people. Agents pay you, not the other way around.”  What a morale booster said Dunn; truly a day we will not soon forget.

For more information about The Embrace Girls Foundation, Inc. visit embracegirlpower.org

Photo: High School Principal Ja Marv Dunn and Ebony Edmonson